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Residential Training

'We will discover the best behaved version of your dog,

and then teach you how to be a leader they love!' 

STep 1

Talk to us about you

and your dog and create customised training plan.

step 2

Have your dog trained  by us during stay in secure home environment.

Receive regular updates on progress. 

step 3

Attend handover lesson, see what your dog has learnt and learn how to maintain the progress.

step 4

Ensure long term results

by getting benefits

from extended aftercare and lessons.

The most effective way of training your dog

Residential Dog Training

We have helped 1000's of dogs and owners already!

Do you struggle to train your dog on you own?

  • Does your dog pulls on the lead? Not come back when called? 
  • Barks and lunges at other dogs?   
  • Jumps up at visitors or people in the park?     
  • Is overexcited and not focused on you
  • or is just simply not doing what you are asking him or her to do?

Good news is: We can help! 

  • Stop having those embarrassing and stressful walks!

  • Let us help you like we helped hundreds of dogs and owners already with highly effective, motivational and reinforcement based methods.
  • Just imagine transforming your dog into focused and obedient friend that responds to what you say?

  • Become Clever Dog Owner with Temperament Dogs

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Your dog's transformation during 2-6 weeks courses



Find best for you, customised training plans for all breeds, ages and problems


Perfect Puppy

for puppies all breeds

A head start in life for your puppy!


A perfect choice for a puppy or a young dog that needs to get the basics of obedience along with learning life skills!


Solid Obedience Solution

Enjoy a happy and responsive

4-legged friend!

Ideal for dogs all ages that need more work on their obedience and general behaviour.

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Re-Active Programme

Behaviour Course

Helping you and your dog to deal with the challenges! 


The main focus is dealing with the existing behavioural problems as well as putting all needed obedience in place.


Super Support Dogs

This course is dedicated to dogs and owners with very individual needs.

 We adjust all the training depending on the requirements of the owner and focus on the earlier agreed objectives.

Some great testimonials from our clients


Rommel, GSD
4 weeks stay
Main Challenge:
Reactivity to other Dogs

'Just amazing. THANK YOU!!!

After 4 weeks of residential training, I have a new dog. My GSD was reactive to 100% of dogs up to 100 metres away.


It became really stressful and exasperating and I really can't thank Alex enough for turning our dog around and allowing us to do things which we thought we'd be able to do after getting a 'partly trained dog'.


She is just amazing now...'

Dennis and Milly Rescue Dogs from Hong Kong
3 weeks stay

'I can’t say a big enough thank you to Alex. We were really struggling with many issues which got worse when moving our 2 rescue dogs to the uk from Hong Kong, separation anxiety where we had to sneak out of the house, no recall and them generally not listening to us.


Walks were stressful and hard to manage, both us and our dogs were not having fun.

They spent 3 weeks with Alex in residential training, they now listen to us, follow our commands, have recall and we are not dealing with separation anxiety anymore so are free to come and go as we please. It’s turned our lives around and walks are no so enjoyable...'

3 weeks stay
Main challenge:
Reactivity to other Dogs

'Absolutely brilliant, caring, highly professional training. Our 6 year old Labrador Archie has had serious reactivity and anxiety issues for a long time. After three weeks of amazing residential training with Alex Lato, he is a very calm, cooperative dog who is able to focus on the handler (me!) while there are strange dogs around and stay relaxed.

Throughout the whole time of the training, Alex kept us informed about each stage of the process with reports, photos and videos. This ‘window’ into Archie’s life with Alex was extremely helpful to us...'

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 ''Our mission is to provide the best service possible. We are all certified trainers with years of experience in various fields. We used to work for leading dog training companies in the UK and now we want to provide even higher standard of care and training... but most importantly WE ARE PASSIONATE AND LOVE WHAT WE DO!
Thank you for trusting us with your dogs!''


- Alex Lato and Lila Zachwatowicz


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