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Train your dogs and transform them into well mannered, happy, safe and friendly!


121 Sessions

(we have online option for each package)

Do you want to be involved fully in your dog's training from the beginning? One-to-one lessons will be the best option for you and your dog! Receive in-depth lessons with your trainer with both theoretical and practical parts to help you and your dog understand each other better and achieve your training goals.


Single Lesson

Focus on a couple of challenges you have with your dog.

A lesson lasts about 60 minutes. You decide how many lesson you want to book.

Price £80*

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Behavioural Consultation

If your dog has more serious behavioural problems, bite history, is very fearful or aggressive we would recommend choosing a behavioural consultation. A lesson lasts about 90 minutes. It can be followed up with regular 121 sessions. 

Price £100*



Before you book residential training or 121 sessions it is advised to book initial assessment during which chosen trainer will advise you on best form of the training and estimated duration.  Assessment is fully refundable if followed with residential training

Price £50*

*Travel costs: If you would like the trainer to come to you we are happy to arrange it - please send us a message to receive a quote.

To get the best out of your 121 training session we would like you to know about a few things:

  • Please bring a hungry dog to your session. Temperament Dog’s training is based on positive reinforcement and we use food as rewards during training sessions. Bring the kibble you would feed your dog as a meal before your session. So, if you have a morning 1-2-1 then bring your dog’s breakfast, an evening 1-2-1 bring you dog’s dinner.

  • Your dog can have light exercise before your 1-2-1, so just a short walk will be perfect. An hour long training session will be a good workout for your dog – and will come back home physically and mentally stimulated.

  • As well as your dog’s regular food, please bring a variety of treats including high value ones such as dried liver or heart, cheese, ham, sausage, chicken – anything that you know your dog absolutely loves.

  • Bring a toy or 2 that your dog really loves to play with.


Massive thank you to Alex he's done absolute wonder's for me and Nala. She was super reactive to other dogs on walks but now she's more interested in me than what's going on around her. Everyone has noticed a change in her. I would definitely recommend Alex as a trainer you can tell he loves what he does and it shows in his work.

Nikki Turner

Working with Lila is great! She is calm, reassuring and able to suggest different strategies to meet the needs of the individual dog. All my dogs love working with her and they are the best judges!

I can highly recommend Emma at Temperament Dogs. I had a lesson to help stop my Labradors unwanted barking. We spent one hour in my local park and Emma explained what I need to do in various situations when his barking occurs. Even within the short space of time that we were there he already showed some improvement in being able to walk past a horse without barking at it. Great service.

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