Meet Our Teachers





Poppy is our latest recruit; she answered a Temperament advert to find the next best trainer and we think she has what it takes.  Poppy has a BSc in Psychology and has a lifelong interest to work with animals, the two combined means she has what it takes to be an excellent trainer.

Poppy has worked with horses for over six years, she has broken her own horse in and competed in many competitions across show jumping, dressage and cross country.

Her new love is agility, and she cannot wait to get started training her own dog and competing! Poppy would also like to develop her knowledge of assistance dog training, her degree in Psychology will make her a perfect fit for this.

Poppy has already started working for us and has been learning and helping with residential top ups, seminars including reactivity, walk and train sessions and much more.


She has said her favourite part of working for Temperament Dogs is being able to learn from our brilliant trainers who all have such a wide range of specialities it has made it hard to choose her own!