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Dashee's Travels Episode 9. Great Expectations - How and why we got stuck...

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

In the last blog I mentioned me and Dashee getting stuck. Or at least I realised we are totally STUCK. In training, in everyday life, in our relationship and bond...

I think it's sometimes really difficult to distance yourself from the training of your own dogs and look at everything as a bigger picture. Hence we are likely to make so many mistakes with our own dogs but we would notice a lot more if it was someone else's dog. The power of emotions 😉Some things with Dashee were going well... but the most important one - our relationship and training - were not.

There were plenty of reasons for that... I think me and Dashee were not actually the best match, at least back then. I have to confess I remember that I said once to my friend I felt as if I was in a relationship I didn't really want to be in. It's terrible, and very difficult to face the sad truth. I expected that from my dog, but she was not there for me during these rough times... An then... Any dog would have it really difficult to come and be the next dog after my Movie I had sadly lost half a year earlier... I was definitely not in the best place in my life... and with Dashee's independent yet sensitive temperament I was not there for her either. We just really did not help each other. We were there together but separate at the same time. I had had some expectations of how it's going to be (as we all have!) when it comes to us training, living together etc. and I really felt we are not happy with each other. We hit the rock bottom! And this is only when I woke up and decided I need to do something, I need a plan. I gave us half a year to sort things out and then decide if we are in or out... Yes, there was a thought in my head she might need to find a new human... ...and it's been a year and a half now! 😄

Dashee is a little puzzle... It took me a lot of time to understand her... and a lot of people to help me...(thank you all!) and I don't think I am fully there yet 😄 But we are learning each other every day and most importantly I accepted fully of how things are! If you have ever had a dog you had trouble to bond with... Please share your thoughts and experience here! I remember talking to others about such problems really helped me back then... And if you have such a situation with your dog - make a training plan and give yourself time! It's always worth to try! :)

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