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Everything you need to know about Residential Training

Residential training Frequently Asked Questions

Residential training (also called Board & Train) is just one of many ways of training your dog. You may have heard about it and be wondering what it is all about.

As with other kinds of training, everyone does it differently. But at Temperament Dogs, we want to be able to answer any questions about how Residential training works when your dog comes to us.

What is a residential training course?

Residential training involves your dog coming to live with a trainer for a number of weeks, depending on your needs. Your dog will live in the trainers house (as long as it is in-home residential training that you chose), like a dog of their own, and receives daily training sessions, walks and play with your training goals in mind.

How long does the stay last?

A residential training stay can be anywhere between 2 weeks to 6 or even 8 weeks depending on your dog's needs and your training goals.

Are dogs stressed when they come for residential training?

While it is quite common for dogs to take a few days to fully settle into their new routine, our dogs are more adaptable than we give them credit for! They get used to their new surroundings very quickly and every effort is made to make your dog feel happy and comfortable in their trainer's home.

Will my dog remember me after the training?

Of course! Dogs are always very happy to see their owners when it comes to the handover lesson and do not forget their owners. Remember they have spent much more time with you than they have the trainer.

Will my dog keep their personality after the training?

Absolutely! How your dog is trained will be tailored to your dog's individual personality and their motivations. We do not change their personality, instead we teach them behaviours and create new habits as well as work on some bad ones to make your and your dog's lives easier and more harmonious together.

Poppy Gillings

Temperament Dogs Team

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