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Emergency STOP Games -why it is so important to practice?!

Have you ever thought about being able to stop your doggie on the spot? Just on command, no lead or long line. Maybe it there was a bike going past and calling them back would mean your dog crossing the bikes route... Maybe it was a group of children, or a dog on a lead? Emergency stop is the answer! In many situations a well trained emergency stop will be much more practical, helpful and safer than a recall! In fact it can safe life!! Here's Roaster - he loves chasing other dogs, stealing food from other people's picnics and generally getting into trouble! He's has extensive training on emergency stop. Besides doing all foundation training and exercises the key is to focus on the dog being able to respond to the command when they are moving away from us, as in everyday situation it is very likely we will need to use the command when our furry friend is not looking at us.

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