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Motivation Tips: Don't limit yourself (and your dog) and be creative!

Last week we posted a picture with 3 Pillars of Successful Dog Training that will GUARANTEE you a Happy and Obedient Dog! First one was Motivation. In the next 6 episodes we will explain how to build motivation and how to reward your dog in a... more rewarding way :) Tip number 1. Don't limit yourself and be creative! Always make sure your dog enjoys whatever you are rewarding them with! Just look at your dog and observe what rewards they really like, then you will be able to mix them up in training. Create a list of 10 top most precious things in your dogs life and put it on the fridge - you don't want to forget! Don't limit yourself to treats -your dog may love chasing games, sniffing grass, going for a walk, swimming or jumping to the water, playing with other dogs ...sniffing their butts... ;) Offer these reinforcers as rewards for whatever you are asking you doggie to do. They will believe that everything cool in their life comes from you! Even a squirrel! Can you imagine better relationship and motivation builder? Just to mention an example: before you let your dog to play with other dogs ask him to sit or lie down, then praise and give a treat then give a release command to allow you pup to go to the other doggy and let them play!

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