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Obedience in All Environments- Residential Training at Temperament Dogs!

Would you like to be able to take your dog anywhere you want? How about enjoying your friends' company at the beachside, countryside, town centre, pubs and cafeterias, pet shops... to name a few!

Reliable obedience Generalisation and proofing of the commands and good behaviours will ensure your dog learns in different places and contexts and this is the key to reliable obedience. Make sure your dog is taken out to as many different places a possible, is mentally and physically stimulated, and knows how to respond to the commands anywhere! Confident and happy dog Getting your friend used to various environments prevents them from being anxious, overwhelmed or even scared in these situations. Additionally, adapting the training to your dog's capabilities is extremely important - your canine needs to be confident, comfortable and motivated in diverse places! Your lifestyle Everyone has a different lifestyle and we all want our dogs to be a part of it! Do you like going for long countryside walks, jogging, cycling, reading books at a cafe..? Have your dog's training customised to your way of life!

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