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MCRS canine reward system- Independent Equipment Review!!

MCRS® stand for Magnetic Canine Reward System. It sounds more serious than it is in reality :D In simple words they are balls with magnets that you can attach to a mother magnet inside your training vest. This gives you the possibility to have your toy visible to your dog and also make it easy for your dog to take the ball off your body when you want to reward them- like self service hah! Therefore according to official website 'The MCRS® Products guarantee unseen results in the performance of your dog`s obedience. The focus will be unbelievable and using it is as simple as it can be'' is it? lets give it a shot! :D

MCRS® magnetic balls are made in Belgium but I purchased them from The Canine Emporium. As far I know this is the only retailer in UK. The Ball costs £13 and the mother magnet £7. Before I go further I have to mention that canine emporium do their job very well! Fast delivery, everything is how it is decribed and good contact throughout purchase. Definetly will shop again over there. Well...back to the balls! I got both, light and standard MCRS® magnet balls but will concentrate on the light one as I have been using it for more than 6 months already. How to use it? According to official website: 'You can put the Mother-magnet(s) inside the MCRS® Vest by using the patented inside-pockets'' I find that this is a big disadvantage of this system. You actually need a MCRS® training vest with special little pockets to use the basic kit (ball plus magnet). Otherwise if you don't have their vest every time you disconnect the ball from mother magnet you will have to look for it in the grass. Moreover MCRS® vests only have the special pockets in a few places and this is another limitation. The last thing I wanted to do is to buy their special vest with special little pockets and have to get rid of my D4M vest and Gappay suit! So instead I found a way to get around their system. I have used an old metal badge with the pin removed and this allows me to keep the mother magnet in any place on my vest (or any other piece of clothing) I want (manual on the VIDEO!)

With my own system Mballs are great to use in everyday sport training! Quality of materials used: How long it will last?! The main concern of the light magnet ball is how long they will last and if they survive training with strong biting dogs. My dog is small malinois but also what we can call a ''very lively animal''(high drive) and it is fun to use him as a durability and strength toy tester! Official site claims: ''The MBall is suitable for all real hard biting dogs, the MBall-Light is suitable for puppies, smaller breeds and dogs with lower drives. So please check out your dog's drives and possibilities honestly, this to make the right choice of ball'' Couldn't agree more. A comment I will only add is that I was using MBall light for everyday training for over 6 months and the ball is almost like new! My friends are using the very same ball with big and heavy working german shepherds without any issue either. Some say that after more than year of reasonable use they only had to replace the string. But for my next dog (almost 40kg malinois) I have purchased the standard Mball.

We gave light ball real hardcore test! check the VIDEO!

Do dogs like it? A reward should be rewarding and so we should use balls, toys etc. that are pleasant for dogs to bite. ''Too many trainers stick to their 'old fashion' hard rubber balls where just a few of the dogs really like to bite on. It is our experience that a normal dog likes a toy who is flexible(almost no dog likes a hard wooden dumbbell, as a reaction they start to chew on it), that's why the MCRS® Magnetball is made from the right hardness'' Despite the hardness I've noticed that most dogs have better grip on these balls, especially if you compare them to other slippery surfaced, cube shaped or foam ones.

BTW dont take last part of the video to seriously!!! GSD trained with specific equipment naturally has chosen favourite toy :D Summary: Pros -good quality materials -nice to bite on -MCRS have other products that are working well or are designed to work with the basic kit eg. revier blind magnet. Which is good for people who like gadgets. Cons - the magnet system requires the same brand training clothing - hard to get in UK (often out stock :D ) I find hardness of Mballs perfect for most dogs. Especially if your dog does not enjoy hard rubber toys. The MBall light could be the right choice for these dogs. The balls are made from very good quality materials so you can be sure that the equipment will last long. I would not state that 'The MCRS® Products guarantee unseen results in the performance of your dog`s obedience' but I like it, my dog loves it. I will definitely be using them in training. Enjoy the video!

Thanks for reading and watching. Think that might be first independent dog training equipment review!! We do not sale this product!

Thanks to everyone that helped!

If you have any ideas or stuff you would like to be tested and reviewed please let us know!

Alex and the Team

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