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Puppy Training with Domestic Noises- what are the benefits?

Do you ever find yourself thinking about the little worries of your dog? Has a thought 'my dog does not like the noise of the washing machine or the blender' ever go through your mind? In fact, some dogs might be hiding under the bed as soon as they are switched on...

But, being busy with our lives, we think we can probably live with that as we don't do the washing every day for the whole day, do we?

What your dog may really hate are fireworks and gunshots! Those are a big problem!

But again, it's easy to think that we cannot do much about them and only help your dog to survive them.

Is that really the only thing we can do? Studies have proven that dogs that have shown ANY reaction to domestic noises had a higher score for the physical signs of stress (eg. vomiting, urination, defecation) and combination of freezing , low body posture, repeated hiding when exposed to the noises of fireworks, gunshots or thunderstorms.

Numerous studies on dog reactivity show there is a high correlation between little reactions to everyday noises and the level of stress during firework or other similar intensity noises.

Did you know that helping our dogs to overcome everyday little worries can help them to be much braver dogs during the firework season?

Be Creative!

Check how we work with our puppies and dogs!

You can do it too!

Make your dog braver everyday!!!

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