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Meet Our Teachers





Emma worked as a Kindergarten Teacher in Hong Kong for 8 years before returning to the UK.  


She has a degree in Early Years Education and managerial experience.  She has excellent organisational skills which makes her the perfect candidate to keep up with the trainers’ busy schedules! Being a teacher meant she is also very good at multi-tasking and dealing with daily enquiries, she is able to keep up with the fast-paced environment and can help bring new ideas and creativity to Temperament Dogs.

She brought her two rescue dogs with her from Hong Kong and they went off to Temperament Dogs for training. Emma grew up with dogs but the two rescues were her biggest challenge and she learnt so much from the team, and has seen how their training methods can transform dogs and so when an opportunity to work for Temperament came up it was an easy decision to make as she already had faith in the business.


Having the two rescues means Emma has an understanding of the difficult situations owners can find themselves in and she is always willing to help our clients out.

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