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meet Alex.


Co-Founder of Temperament Dogs

(Masters degree in Animal Science, BIPDT Instructor, Behaviourist, Bravery Boost and Successful Play Teacher, Active Dog Sports Competitor and Coach)

Alex created 'Bravery Boost Training' in 2015. Since then, every year he has helped and continues to help numerous companion and performance dogs, especially those that suffer from noise sensitivity, reactivity, separation anxiety and general lack of confidence. He has also created the 'Effective Play' programme which focuses on teaching strategies to build more motivation and focus in companion and competitive dogs.

Alex teaches and presents Bravery Boost Training, Motivation and Play and Reactivity to Dogs and People workshops across the UK and abroad. When he is not teaching or training he is writing Bravery Boost book that is aimed to be published late 2020.

meet Lila.


Co-Founder of Temperament Dogs

 Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, Active Dog Sports Competitor and Trainer and... English Language Teacher. 
 Lila's pet subject is bravery training for puppies of all ages and temperaments! She is a true believer in the Bravery Boost Puppy Protocol which is all about preparing your puplet for a courageous adult life! Starting from the very first weeks at the breeders, through the early months and adolescence - Lila is addicted to learning about and coming up with new ideas of how to teach dogs to see our busy world in bright colours (prevention before cure!) Her other field of expertise is helping sensitive/ shy/ distractible dogs in coming out of their shell and building a strong, trustful relationship with their humans!

meet Ola.


Co-founder of skills2success.

Professional Dog Trainer, International Dog Agility Competitor and English Teacher



Ola has been involved in dog training since she was 13 years old. Having previously owned a reactive and difficult dog breed, she truly believes in power of motivation, building a relationship and most of all- having fun with your dog. Working and owning a variety of breeds, helps her to understand and look at each dog’s individual characteristics and personalities.

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