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Fearless Friday: 'Bravery Boost' One and Only

When I first created my Bravery Boost Workshop I could never have dreamed dog bravery would become a thing as it is now. It was such an unsexy training idea back then. Very few people were paying attention to it. We talked about puppy socialisation but really that's it. Very few were paying attention to building confidence in dogs other than puppies.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure bravery training could grow the way that it has, and I was lucky enough to have some inspirational people to assure me to just keep doing it. So I kept doing it, kept evolving, kept creating, kept pushing.

Since then we have started paying much more attention to all the benefits coming from having a confident dog. From preventing or helping dogs with fear based behavioural problems through working on motivation and increasing focus to improve dog performance on dog sport rings. Those benefits cannot be underestimated.

A few years later I’m in a process (slow and difficult) of writing a Bravery Boost Book

I’m so happy and proud to notice other dog trainers are joining the evolution of the Bravery Movement. I’m always seeing new confidence or bravery workshops and courses popping up and I hope the trend continues to see more growth. Let’s spread the word!

…but there is only one and original Bravery Boost- Confidence and Motivation Training for companion and sport dogs. Join our group on fb:

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