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Puppies and Fears

Even though we can do a lot as breeders or owners to make our dogs as open minded as possible every puppy or dog is going to be apprehensive about something at some stage. It might be early on at the breeder's, during the first days at home or later on during adolescence and adulthood... Should we be worried if that happens? The fear of unknown is innate and perfectly normal, in many situations it's just a part of maturing (fear periods). Actually, what happens next is more important! When we are looking at puppies in a litter I always emphasise that we should look at how quickly the puppy 'bounces back' after being startled, not that they actually do get apprehensive about something. Dogs need to learn (and we need to help them with the understanding) that there are many things that are going to be new and strange in their lives, but instead of worrying the best way is to take it in their stride! And what to do if our puppy/dog has just got spooked? : 1. do not panic or take it personally 2. react appropriately to help the dog to learn a helpful lesson - one that is as positive as possible! In one of the later posts we will give you ideas and techniques how to help our dogs to 'bounce back' easily and be as brave as a lion :) like and share!!

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