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Our Residential Training Courses

Fast, effective & proven training for puppies and adult dogs. Your dog can

achieve long term results and training success in as little as 2-6 weeks via

home based ​residential dog training.


* Perfect Puppy Pack 

A head start in life for your puppy!

A perfect choice for a puppy or a young dog that needs to get the basics of obedience along with learning life skills! The trainer will be focusing on teaching your pup new commands and behaviours with an emphasis on the pup's engagement and motivation when working. A big part of the course is also working on your pup's bravery so that they feel confident in different everyday situations. The trainer can also take care of toilet training and deal with 'puppy challenges' such as chewing, mouthing etc.

Commands, behaviours and skills:
* recall
* focus and engagement
* motivation
* sit and down
* basics of stay
* crate training
* doorway / car manners
* toilet training
* chewing and mouthing
* playing
* basics for loose lead walking
* basics for self control
* socialisation

Recommended duration of the course: 2-4 weeks.

Your training goal is not listed? Don't worry! Just drop us a message and we will customise it specifically to your needs!

Price per week: £600-750

* Solid Obedience Solution (SOS)

Enjoy a happy and responsive 4-legged friend!

This course will be ideal for adolescent and adult dogs that need more work on their obedience and general behaviour. The main training focus will be teaching and generalising obedience commands as well as improving the general motivation of your dog when working. A huge part of it is also going to be teaching your dog to work with distractions around as well as adding games to improve your dogs' understanding of all the obedience.

Commands, behaviours and skills:
* recall
* sit and down
* stays
* doorway and car manners
* focus and engagement
* motivation
* emergency stop
* loose lead walking
* working around distractions
* minor behavioural challenges 
* heeling
* self control

Recommended duration of the course: 3-5 weeks.


Your training goal is not listed? Don't worry! Just drop us a message and we will customise it specifically to your needs!

Price per week: £600-750

* Re-Active Course

Helping you and your dog to deal with the challenges!

This course is dedicated to all dogs that are a bit more challenging in everyday life - dogs that are suffering from 'reactivity' - to other dogs, people, situations or objects. The main focus is making your dog more confident and relaxed, dealing with the existing 'bad' habits as well as putting all needed obedience in place. 

Commands, behaviours and skills:

* reactivity to dogs/people/other
* working on confidence
* recall
* sit and down
* resource guarding
* aggression to dogs
* nervousness
* aggression towards strangers
* aggression towards people in general
* building trust

Recommended duration of the course: 4-6 weeks.

Your training goal is not listed? Don't worry! Just drop us a message and we will customise it specifically to your needs!

Price per week: £700-900

* Customised Training Pack

This course is dedicated to dogs and owners with very individual needs.

We adjust all the training depending on the requirements and focus solely on the earlier agreed objectives.

Would you like you dog to gain the skills of a support dog?

Do you need your dog to learn any special command?

This course is for you and your pooch!

Contact us to book assessment and meet with on of us!

Price per week: 
contact us for a quote


'We would like to say a huge thank you to Alex for helping us with Winston's training. Our young and rather boisterous boxer stayed with Alex for 4 weeks of residential training. It was a hard decision to leave the precious friend with a stranger for such a long time but it was the best decision made both, ours and Winston's sakes...'

Hana and Rommel

'Just amazing. THANK YOU!!!

After 4 weeks of residential training, I have a new dog. My GSD was reactive to 100% of dogs up to 100metres away. It became really stressful and exasperating and I really can't thank Alex enough for turning our dog around and allowing us to do things which we thought we'd be able to do after getting a 'partly trained dog'. She is just amazing now...'

Emma and

Milly and Dennis

'I can’t say a big enough thank you to Alex. We were really struggling with many issues (...) no recall and them generally not listening to us. Walks were stressful and hard to manage, both us and our dogs were not having fun.

They spent 3 weeks with Alex in residential training, they now listen to us, follow our commands (...) It’s turned our lives around and walks are no so enjoyable...'

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