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Meet Our Teachers





Dogs have been an important part of Mag's life since she began to walk and talk. She was 6 years old when she started to train her first dog to heel, sit and lie down. She was 16 y.o., when she passed her first obedience exam with her first rottie. Then, her journey began. Her third rottie passed 6 international obedience exams and 4 working tests. In 2005 she discovered a world of dog sport. She participated in agility, FCI obedience and Rally-O trials with her dogs. Recently she fell in love with IGP.

She has learnt from the trainers all over the world. She took part in dozens of seminars, workshops and training days. She is also a book worm, so she is constantly absorbing knowledge from the newest research and publications. 

In 2014 Mags started to work with clients on 1-2-1 basis. She's always put a lot of work into strengthening the bond between a dog and his handler. Through all these years she deepened understanding of dogs' needs as well as handlers' goals. In 2021 she started to train Assistantance Dogs.


At the moment Mags has three dogs, one cat and five bantam chickens. Two of these dogs are living the dream in their retirement - a 16 y.o. rescue girl and a 10 y.o. rottweiler boy. The only working dog in her house is a young giant schnauzer that dreams of becoming an IGP Champion. Or maybe it's Mags who's dreaming about it...

Attended seminars and workshops:
- UK - Jo Hill; Craig Ogilvie; Corrinne Wrend; Jenny Gould; Alex Lato; Al Bunyan; Martyn Willcock
- ITALY - Anna Scalsa
- AUSTRIA - Markus Mohr
- SCANDINAVIA - Maria Brandel; Mia Skogster
- CZECH REPUBLIC - Petr Solc; Honza Kuncl; Karel Kovac
- POLAND - Zofia Mrzewinska; Aneta Migas; Aneta Grzegorczyk; Jacek Lewkowicz; Patrycja Kowalczyk; Michal Wisniewski; Agnieszka Boczula

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