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Co-Founder of Temperament Dogs

BIPDT Instructor, Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, Active Dog Sports Competitor and Trainer and... English Language Teacher. 
  Why am I a dog trainer? I was asked about that many times. I think the answer is not as easy as it seems… the usual answer of any dog trainer is more or less ‘I love dogs and helping people’, which is also true in my case, but each of us, I think, can look for deeper reasons, and the question ‘why?’ can define your personality and temperament (or the other way round?).
  Firstly, I love teaching, both dogs and people, it gives me feelings of fulfilment and satisfaction.

I am a very sociable person, so creating and maintaining relationships with other people is a pure pleasure for me. Moreover, I love learning – canines are different species and with any of them you learn something new.
 But it’s not that easy! You need to explore all the knowledge you have, match it to the dog, use your skills and draw conclusions.
 I am quite adventurous and hard-working – believe me, you never know what might happen, especially with some aggressive dogs. And if you’re an active dog sports person, lots of travelling is involved (yoopee!) ! Additionally, being a dog trainer gives me the possibility to work outside a lot, and trust me, I would be a terrible office worker! And last but not least… the teacher knows best, right? ;)

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