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Co-Founder of Temperament Dogs

BIPDT Instructor, Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, Active Dog Sports Competitor and Trainer with over 12 years experience and... English Language Teacher. 

She worked as a trainer at Royvon Dog Training Schools as well as an Advanced Senior Instructor at Adolescent Dogs. Before moving to the UK she also ran her own Dog Training School in Poland and completed her Masters Degree making her a qualified Teacher and Educationalist. 


Lila's eye to detail makes her training very precise and 'neat'. She always makes sure all commands and cues given to the dog are clear and structured, and the criteria fair and precise - no matter if she is training for everyday life skills, Agility, Competitive Obedience or else. In her training also she loves to focus on improving the dog-human , human-dog relationship as well as working on the dogs' engagement and work ethics. 


She competes to the highest level in Agility, competing and giving seminars in the UK as well as abroad and is passionate about Competitive Obedience. She also loves trying other sports and activities such as Mondioring, Sheepherding or Search and Rescue. With her first border collie she successfully competed in Dog Frisbee. 


At the moment Lila has 2 Border Collies of her own and is a real breed enthusiast. She likes to spend her free time browsing pedigrees and looking at different lines of Border Collies. She is truly a dog training geek and regularly attends as well as organises seminars and courses to continue her professional development.


*Residential Dog Training - since 2013-present, worked for Adolescent Dogs (2015-2018) and Royvon Dog Training Schools (2013-2015)

*Holding and organising group and individual training, workshops and seminars - since 2008-present 


*M.A. in English Philology - qualified teacher and educationalist (2012)

*BIPDT (British Institute of Professional Dog Training) Course and obtained a Certificate in Instructional Techniques (2014)


*Alteri Dog Instructor course (2008)


Courses and seminars:

*The School of Canine Science - Predatory and Drive, Dog-Dog Aggression (2018)

*The Puppy Lab - The School of Canine Science (2018)

*Canine Nutrition Diploma Course (2017)

*Denise Fenzi - Drive and Motivation (2017)

*Canine First Aid Course

*Kamal Fernandez - Foundations for sport and companion dogs (2017)

*Forward Symposium seminar Noel Fitzpatrick, Chris Zink, Natasha Wise (canine motion, injury preventing and treating) (2016)

*Craig Ogilvie - Interactive play (2016)

*Greg Derrett Reinforcement Seminar (2016), Foundation Training

*Chirag Patel (2018) 

*Grisha Stewart - Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) - (2015)

*Brenda Alloff Academy Online course (2017)


*Dr Ian Dunbar - Science Based Dog Training with Feeling Webinar, Sirius Dog Training Academy Webinar, Common sense & cutting edge concepts in Behaviour & Training Webinar, Simple solutions for common Behaviour & Training problems Webinar, Dog Aggression Fighting & Biting Webinar (2017)


*Agility: Dan Shaw, Kathrin Tasker, Michelle Drawwater, Natasha Wise, Laura Chudleigh, Sian Illingworth, Martin Reid, Dave Munnings, Greg Derrett, Natasha Wise, Nancy Hudson, Leah Gardner, (UK), Kriszta Beitl-Kabai (HR), Jouni and Isabelle Orenius (SWE, FIN), Teresa Kralova (CZ), Lisa Frick (AUS), Katarina Podlipnik, Silvia Trkman (SL), Monika Rylska, Iwona Golab, Tomek Jakubowski, Olga Kwiecien, Magdalena Labieniec, Nina Bekasiewicz (PL), Jenny Damm (SWE), Susan Koldenhof (NL), Dani Fischbach (DE), Nicola Giruadi, Gianluca Schingaro (IT)


*Competitive obedience: Kamal Fernandez, Anna Herzog, Alesya Miroshnikov, Agata Wolf (UK), Varvara Bolshakova (RUS), Vladimir Glogar (CZ), Joanna Hewelt, Agnieszka Boczula (PL)


*Search and Rescue: Kathrin Tasker (UK)


*Sheepherding: David Pickford, Angie Driscoll, Kylie Birch (UK), Tomasz Pecold, Krzysztof Sokalski, Karolina Walczak (PL); 

*Dog Frisbee: Dariusz Radomski, Iwona Golab, Szymon Janik (PL)

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