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Professional Dog Trainer, BIPDT Instructor, Behaviourist and Accredited Assistant dog trainer of #Superdogs by School of Canine Science

After receiving a degree in Criminology and Psychology.... I was trained practically by the best mentors I could ever have (No Alex and Lila have not paid me to say this ;)) before going to the British Institute of Pet Dog Trainers to receive a formal qualification and obtaining a Certificate in Basic Instructional Techniques. 

I have a very big interest in assistance dogs training and really enjoy training the tasks needed! Recently I have been involved training dogs behind the scenes for movies, TV programmes and photoshoots. It's pretty enjoyable and not always what you expect it will be. 

My own dog, a young border collie, Nemo has started competing in agility with me as well as started training competitive obedience. My family dog Riley has a bit of a reputation as being a funny and crafty Patterdale Terrier mix that has been my very willing guinea pig for all types of training before Nemo came along.

I have looked after and trained many puppies and dogs in various environments and in my home. I regularly attend seminars and classes to keep updated with modern training techniques.

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