Dog/Puppy Selection

   So you are planning to make your family bigger? Getting a dog is serious decision and it is crucial that you will get a dog that matches with your personality and your lifestyle. If you are busy person, living in central London and working long hours, a hyperactive Belgian Malinois might not be the best choice. If you love running a French bulldog or Chihuahua might not be able to keep up with your pace :). If you want a guard dog, a golden retriever will never be a guard dog! But choosing the right breed is not everything. Every dog is individual and it is worth to check their temperament before purchasing. You can avoid many behavioural problems e.g. aggression tendencies, .... We are happy to provide a temperament test on puppies or adult dogs and provide professional advice. If you are planning to get your new pooch from a rescue, check out our rescue program.