Why choose In-home boarding and training
at Temperament Dogs?

In-home residential training gives you more assurance (over residential in kennels) when it comes to your dog's wellbeing and the training they receive.

Your dog will stay in a trainer's house and will live as a part of his/her family and trained and cared for. Therefore, there is no training that is more effective and reliable!

We are creating customised training plans to meet you and yours dog's needs. The situations your dog will encounter are real life scenarios for example, walking past other dogs on narrow pavements, recall from other dogs in the park, walks in the woods, walking around the neighbourhood, behaviour in public places to name a few.

The results of the training depend on your
dog and their temperament. We usually recommend at least a 2, 3 or 4 weeks stay with a trainer. During the first week we introduce all the commands and behaviours (sit, down, stay, leave it, door manners, recall, loose lead walking, heeling, general behaviour). During the 2nd week we begin to proof all the behaviours and generalise them to different environments. In the 3rd week we add more and more distractions to make the commands as reliable as possible!In 4 weeks, this level is taken to a more advanced and reliable level, especially when around other dogs and in various places and off the lead. 

Our regular prices per week of residential training are £450-650 (Contact us to get a Quote, Limited Spaces Available!) 
Please message us to get a quote for an amazing training experience for your dog!


Have More Focus and Attention in
All Environments!
Raw and Uncut Video, Without Fancy Music With One 
of Our Trainees!

All of our residential stays include:

  • Home boarding and training in a family environment.

  • Free meeting and assessment from our trainer plus customised training plan.

  • 2 to 4 hours of intensive 1-2-1 training every day

  • Socialisation with other friendly dogs
    (if appropriate and required)

  • House training 

  • Email/other progress updates from your trainer (twice a week)

  • Weekly photos and video at the end of stay.

  • Direct telephone access to your instructor

  • Direct contact via Whatsapp- free calls, photos and videos strait to you phone!

  • A 2 hour handover lesson at the end of the stay for owner training

  • A free follow up handover session within 14 days.

  • Free access to growning dog training video library

  • Email and telephone support from your trainer

  • 50% discounts for Dog Training Workshops! if you wish to maintain new skills of your dog with your trainer.

Providing the Best Care with Maximum Results!


Motivational and Rewarded Based Methods that are Extremely Effective!!

Top Trainers = Best Service

Train in Harmony- We Will Help You to Create Amazing Relationship and Communication!

Some of the main challenges that we can help with during the Residential Training:

  • General Obedience with Adult dogs and Puppies.

  • Puppy socialisation (look at our Brave Puppy Project)

  • Pulling on the lead and walking to heel in public places

  • Reactivity, barking or lunging at dogs and/or people, bikes etc.

  • Jumping up at visitors and family members

  • Not coming when called

  • Chasing cyclists, joggers, cars, horses etc.

  • Mouthing & biting

  • Toilet training

  • Stealing food / household items

  • Doorway manners

  • Resource guarding around food / toys / object

  • Playing too rough with other dogs

  • Barking for attention or at the door

  • Separation anxiety (learn more through our Bravery Boost Training for Confidence) 

  • Aggression towards dogs or people and more...