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Co-Founder of Temperament Dogs

(Masters degree in Animal Science, BIPDT Instructor, Behaviourist, Bravery Boost and Successful Play Teacher, Active Dog Sports Competitor and Coach)

I will start by saying that I’m not your usual run of the mill ‘dog trainer’.
 I started as a Dog Trainer in Warsaw and continued as a Pet Obedience Trainer and IPO Helper/Decoy in Finland.
  In 2013, I arrived in the UK where I was working as a Dog Training Manager at Royvon Dog Boarding and Training and later continued as Advanced Senior Instructor at Adolescent Dogs- Dog Boarding and Training. 
 In 2015, I founded Temperament Dogs to provide the highest standard of home boarding and training for companion dogs. My favourite area that I'm very successful in is helping dogs that suffers from reactivity. 
  Furthermore, I’m an author of Bravery Boost Training programme that is aiming to help fearful dogs eg. that suffers from noise sensitivities, reactivity, separation anxiety as well as Successful Play that teaching strategies to build more motivation and focus in companion and competitive dogs. 
Beside residential training I'm teaching on workshops and dog training camps nationally and internationally. 
   I'm super excited to share my knowledge and ideas with you and your four legged friend! 

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