Bespoke Training  


  Would you enrol your child in football classes? Or maybe art classes, karate classes or music lessons? Then why not provide extra activities for your dog that will benefit the both of you!  


  Your 4-legged friend will have extra mental and physical stimulation and you will have a better behaved and well exercised dog strait away!

  We are happy to offer you customised training options where we will train your dog for you. -Obedience Training Sessions: during which we can address training to a specific challenge e.g. sit, down, pulling on the lead, heel, recall, stay. We can practice in any environment from the park to the train station to the pub. -Agility, Tracking, Frisbee, Competitive Obedience (or other dog sport) training: You can bring your dog to our training facility or we will pick your dog up from your home and bring them back after we finish.

  We take pictures during each of our bespoke training sessions! You can choose how many sessions per week you want.


You can choose how many sessions per week you want